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Get Paid for Estimates [FREE TRAINING]:
Boost Profits and Reduce Chaos by Charging for Preconstruction & Estimating.

Register for this FREE TRAINING and learn...

- How free estimates kill your bottom line
- Why good customers WANT to pay you for estimates
- Uncover the 5 Pieces of the "GPE Bridge"

CoConstruct MasterClass:
Maximize Bottom Line Profits

- Eliminate your most expensive profit bleeds.
- Nail the handoff from office to field.
- Drive your project schedules.
- Boost productivity in the field
- Sell at higher margins
- Streamline trade partner operations
- Learn how to to Ninja Level Sh*# in CoConstruct.

Be Your Own CFO: Construction Financial Masterclass

I'm putting together an in-depth training to help you master the financial side of the business...and I need your help.  Please take a short survey to help me answer all your biggest questions.

Mastermind Group for
CoConstruct Users

- Exclusively for business owners using CoConstruct.
- Avoid painful mistakes.
- Share ideas and best practices.
- Access to decades of shared experience and education.
- Relationships with other business owners.
- Accountability and challenge.

Eliminate Customer Communication Chaos

- How to use CoConstruct as a funnel instead of a filter.
- How you can set the expectation that 100% of customer communication will run through CoConstruct.
- Language you can copy and paste into your CoConstruct account that says, “All communication must happen in CoConstruct.”
- A simple graph that will make your customers say, “OK. Now I see why I need to make selections early.”
- One strategy that saved Jeff, a custom home builder, 40% of his week.
- How to use “anchoring” to your advantage.

Eliminate Change Order

- How to set up a “change request process” in CoConstruct that will save you a lot of time.
- A Change Order policy you can copy and paste right into your CoConstruct account.
- How to avoid getting handcuffed to projects with changes and add-ons that prevent you from getting to the next project.
- A few simple adjustments and tips you can use to avoid uncomfortable conversations and still get paid for all the work you do.

CoConstruct MasterClass:
Maximize Bottom Line Profits

Maximize your bottom line profitability using advanced strategies in CoConstruct.

Mastermind Group for CoConstruct Users:

Join a small group of like-minded builders using CoConstruct who aren't your competitors.
Share ideas. Avoid painful mistakes. Increase your bottom line.

Construction Leading Edge Podcast

Interviews with construction business owners and industry experts.
The longest running and highest rated podcast for construction business owners.

32 Productivity Hacks

Download this free PDF guide with 32 productivity hacks you can use to eliminate chaos and maximize productivity on your jobsites.

Optimize Your Overhead

Download this free PDF guide with proven strategies you can use to optimize your overhead costs and reduce your risk.
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