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The Sales Autopilot Funnel Offer
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  • More Sales With Less Selling: If you're not comfortable selling, this is like having a virtual sales person to do most of the selling for you.
  • Get Paid for Estimates: Indoctrinate your prospects on why they want to pay you for preconstruction services.
  • ​Consistency: Every prospect hears the message you want them to hear, and you don't have to worry about forgetting something.
  • Qualify Leads Automatically:  Filter out tire kickers and price checkers automatically.
  • Differentiate: Separate yourself from the competition, who are still giving away free estimates.
  • Save Time:  Spend more of your time with your ideal prospects...and your current clients.


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What is your time worth to you?


Do I need to use The Preconstruction Services Agreement for this to work?

Yes.  The Sales Autopilot Funnel is designed to lead people to sign a preconstruction agreement to work with you. (They'll be pretty confused if you offer a free estimate...)

Do I need any software or technology to make this work?

No.  You don't need any specific software like CoConstruct, Buildtertrend, Hubspot, etc.  All you really need is email and a cell phone.

Do I need to create my own Training Video?

No.  Your customized Sales Autopilot Funnel will include the Training Video I create for you.

Can I get the web pages customized?

These pages are intentionally designed to be simple and free of any distractions.  Therefore, the only customizations that are needed, and available, are your company name and phone number.  You want people to stay focused on moving through the funnel, and not get distracted. 

Do I need a website for this?  What if I just use Facebook or Instagram?

You don't really even need a website for this to work for you.  You'll receive a unique link to your Sales Autopilot Funnel, which you can use on Facebook, Instagram, Houzz, email, or text messages.

How does the online scheduling portal work?

We'll set up an account for you in the online scheduling portal, at no additional cost, and show you how to set it up so it shows only the available time slots you want to show people.  You'll also learn how to integrate it with your iCal, Outlook or Google Calendar, so appointments automatically show up in your calendar.

Can I customize the Training Video?

No.  The Training Video is specifically designed and scripted to show people the value of using the Preconstruction Services Agreement process.  

How much does it cost?

The investment options are listed below.

What's the difference between the two investment options?

Option #1:  Pay $997 for the first year and your setup fee will be waived.  This renews automatically every 12 months.

Option #2: Pay $97 per month + a one time $349 setup fee.  This is a 12 month contract (not just a subscription).  

What is the term of the agreement?  

The annual option will automatically renew every 12 months.  If you choose the monthly payment option, you are committing to a one year payment plan with monthly installments.

When do you collect my company information after I sign up?

After you sign up, we'll contact you to gather all the information we need to get your Sales Autopilot Funnel set up for you.

How do I connect the Sales Autopilot Funnel to my website?

Once your Sales Autopilot Funnel is built out, you'll receive a link to the first page in the funnel, which you or your web designer can add to your website, social media, or even use in text messages or email.

What if I have more questions?

We're happy to answer them.  You can email your questions to support@constructionleadingedge.com.

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